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Other after-school programs

What is RAD?

RAD is a supervised after-school program focusing on positive academic, social, emotional, and recreational development, run by Youth Connection at Highcrest Middle School.  Students can come into the cafeteria at 3:35pm, right after the last bell. Students may bring a snack into RAD and have the opportunity to play games with peers, create arts & crafts, socialize with friends, and brainstorm special activities with the staff in which they would like to participate.  Depending on the weather, students will have the opportunity for physical activity outside or in the gym.

Do I need to sign-up/register for RAD?

Participants do not need to sign-up or register for RAD in advance.  When students arrive, they will need to sign themselves into the program.  Each new participant must have an  EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION FORM filled out by a parent or guardian.  We encourage parents/guardians to review the RAD policies (including behavior, late pick-up charges and participant sign-out procedures) with their child prior to attending RAD for the first time.

What does it cost for my child to participate?

There is no fee to participate in RAD or Homework Club. We rely on donations, grants and volunteers to provide our programs. There is a small participation fee for YC Theatre Experience programs and the Variety Show. Please consider asking your corporation if it will match your gift to Youth Connection.

How do I contact RAD to pick up my child?

RAD has a cell phone pick-up number, 847-254-2225.  Call the number when you are at the school to pick-up your child.  Due to poor reception in the building, or the phone being in use, please call back until you speak with one of the RAD staff members.  Students use the phone to call their parents, or parents will call in to speak with their child, and sometimes this holds up the phone line.

Can my child leave RAD, then sign back in?

Once your child leaves the program, unless attending an on-site club in the school, they cannot return to RAD for the rest of the day.  For example, a student leaving at 4pm to attend soccer practice at the community playfield cannot return to the program at 5:15, and then wait to be picked up by 6pm.

How late can my child stay at RAD?

All students must be picked up by 6pm.  Arrangements can be made to give your child permission to walk or bike home at a designated time, but the RAD staff needs to be notified of these arrangements.  Any late pick-ups will result in a late fee charge.  The fee is $10 per block of 15 minutes after 6pm.  For example, if a parent arrives at 6:07, they will be charged a late fee of $10.  If a parent arrives at 6:20, they will be charges a late fee of $20.  Fees are due that night or the next day of attendance.  Checks can be made payable to Youth Connection.

Is RAD available on early release days and days off of school?

RAD Follows the HMS school calendar and will not be open on early release days or day off school.

What is the DEN?

The DEN is a safe, supervised space provided to Wilmette Junior High students as an after-school hangout.  Students can watch movies, play video games, air hockey, foosball, and a variety of board games, including Chess, Stratego, Monopoly, and card games.  Students have the opportunity to voice their wants and needs, and help decide on what daily activities/special events will be held in the DEN.

Where is the DEN located?

The DEN is located in the Commons Room, adjacent to the cafeteria at WJHS.  Access can be gained through the hallway leading to the LMC.

When is the DEN open?

The DEN opens when the last school bell rings at 3:10pm.  Students can stay in the DEN until 5pm.  At that time, all students need to either leave the building and make their way home, or wait in the front lobby for their ride. The DEN will not be open on Fridays before long breaks, (Thanksgiving, Winter Recess, and Spring Break), or on early release days or days off of school.

Are snacks provided in the DEN?

Snacks are available for purchase to students in the DEN.

How do I contact the DEN?

While there is a phone in the DEN, we do not have a direct phone line. You can call the school office before 4pm and they will forward the call to the DEN. Otherwise, contact Cristina Castro, Executive Director of Youth Connection at 847-254-2224.

Is there busing provided to transport my child home?

The school has three activity buses to take students home from school after sports/clubs.  The buses leave the school around 4:30pm daily.  There is no registration for the bus, but the student needs to look at the route maps provided in the DEN to figure out which bus to take home.

What is Homework Club?

Homework Club provides an opportunity for students to spend time in the LMC after school Mondays-Thursdays to work on homework assignments and school projects with the assistance of the school librarians. Students can use computers, research materials, and check out books. The Homework Club runs from 3:40-4:40pm at Highcrest and from 3:15-4:15pm at Wilmette Junior High. Please Note: Homework Club will not be open on days when the school has scheduled Staff Development Meetings.

What is Art Club?

Art Club is an after-school club run by Youth Connection at Wilmette Junior High in the art room on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15pm-4:15pm.  The Art Club runs 2 sessions: Fall and Winter/Spring.  The club gives students a place to go to work on a variety of mixed media projects, including clay work, drawing, painting and sculpting with instruction and guidance from a WJHS Art teacher.  A minimal fee of $100 per semester is required to cover costs and separate online registration for Art Club is required.