Donor Recognition Wall

Thank you to all our donors.

Elise Crawford
Kristen & Rick Dean
Maureen Kebo
Molly Sullivan
Stephanie Shortell
Meghan Busse
Lisa and Mike Axelrod
Sarah Titterton
Jon and April Cesaretti
Exhaust Fan
Frieda Molina & Craig Howard
Barb Perce
Sheila Foy
The Dubansky Family
The Trubey Family
Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights
Todd and Mary Clare Meyer
Patrick & Elise Crawford
Surong Shangguan
The McGraths
Mindy & Scott Schmookler
Emily Hayden
Karen Morgan & Don Holmberg
Alex & David Rieser
Sarah Lin and family
Yi Bian
Amit Prachand
Chris Irwin
Shuyi Xu
Adam Robledo
Steve Trokenheim
Mimi and David Hwang
April and Jon Cesaretti
Sabrina Moore commented:
Thanks to all of the staff!

Ann Dronen commented:
Thanks to the volunteers who keep this important programming going!

Mary and Ernie Roth
Melissa and Mike Murray
Maureen Kebo
Jay & Amy Kehoe
Bonnie and Ben Michel
Kate and Charlie Wise
The Gjaja Family
Chris Irwin
Ann Dronen
Rick and Kristen Dean
Ann Dronen
Mindy & Scott Schmookler
Anne Finnegan
Ben Whitehouse commented:
Thank you Karen! (RAD Director)

Shuyi Xu
Toni Stapel
Jen and Jon Fiegen
Frederick and Kristen Dean
Carol Murphy
Sciortino Family
Chuck & Linda Glew
Jackie Pomerantz
Susan and Dave Iskowich
Maureen & Collin Kebo
carrie and bobby
Maureen Fagan
Diane and Jon Powell
Keith & Ann Dronen
John Nunemaker
Mary Nunemaker
Stephen Boeckman
Mimi and David Hwang
Cynthia Sammons and Eric Schwabe
April Cesaretti
Max Bennett
Catherine Zhu & Albert Lin
Paul and Emily Hayden
Stephen & Colleen Sehy
Leslie Weyhrich commented:
Congratulations Benefit team on a great night!

Beth & Bruce Kerr
Jeff and Karen Sirota
Denise Swanson & Art Lutschaunig
Mary Condon
Gail & John Thomason
Elaine Virant
libby braband
Verena Phillips
chris karabas
katrine vange
Elaine Virant
Sheri Herd
David Rieser
lyn Flannery
Denise Swanson
ryan & roxy freel
Becky Levi
Khanh Geoly
Margaret & Joe Tilson
Carol Shukur & Art Gunther
Quinn Kelly
Dai-lin Hummel
Kim Donohoe
Sarah Davis
Sarah Agin
Chris Petersen
Tracy and Joe Kearney
Matt & Sally McQueen
Gail and John Thomason
Denise Swanson & Art Lutschaunig
The McGrath Family
Tiffany and Chip Flannagan
Jasmine Hauser
Toni Stapel
Evan Farrell
Barbara Lau
Rick and Kristen Dean
Stephen Boeckman
Keith & Ann Dronen
Palmer Fey Family
Tom and Leslie Weyhrich
Jackie Pomerantz
Brian Shaw
The Tiebert Family
Reimer Family
Stephen and Ann Boeckman
Chris and Karen Dekker
Ryan & Roxy Freel
Jeanne & Joe Rickard
Sheri Herd
Woman's Club of Wilmette
Peter Czerwinski
Susan Mackesey
Debbie Fogel
Ellen Crispino
The Starren Family commented:
The kids really enjoy the Den and it is wonderful to have such a resource.

Christine cornell
Hyun Young Koo
Kimberly Sterling
Elizabeth Aldrich commented:
Keep up the good work!

K C Malik
Karen & Jeff Miller
Gavin Yuan
Cristina Tilley
Byron and Karen Schneidman
Laura and Kent Born
Deanne & Ruud Roggekamp
Cathy Skala/MikeHoover
Cecilia Clarke
Stephen Garcia
Kristin Camorlinga
Valerie Kilman, Ravi Allada commented:
Thanks for your great work.

Diane Kriemanq
Susan Petito
Wendy & Stuart Witzel
Ed Katzman