Donor Recognition Wall

Thank you to all our donors.

Maureen Kebo
Molly Sullivan
Stephanie Shortell
Meghan Busse
Lisa and Mike Axelrod
Sarah Titterton
Jon and April Cesaretti
Exhaust Fan
Frieda Molina & Craig Howard
Barb Perce
Sheila Foy
The Dubansky Family
The Trubey Family
Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights
Todd and Mary Clare Meyer
Patrick & Elise Crawford
Surong Shangguan
The McGraths
Mindy & Scott Schmookler
Emily Hayden
Karen Morgan & Don Holmberg
Alex & David Rieser
Sarah Lin and family
Yi Bian
Amit Prachand
Chris Irwin
Shuyi Xu
Adam Robledo
Steve Trokenheim
Mimi and David Hwang
April and Jon Cesaretti
Sabrina Moore commented:
Thanks to all of the staff!

Ann Dronen commented:
Thanks to the volunteers who keep this important programming going!

Mary and Ernie Roth
Melissa and Mike Murray
Maureen Kebo
Jay & Amy Kehoe
Bonnie and Ben Michel
Kate and Charlie Wise
The Gjaja Family
Chris Irwin
Ann Dronen
Rick and Kristen Dean
Ann Dronen
Mindy & Scott Schmookler
Anne Finnegan
Ben Whitehouse commented:
Thank you Karen! (RAD Director)

Shuyi Xu
Toni Stapel
Jen and Jon Fiegen
Frederick and Kristen Dean
Carol Murphy
Sciortino Family
Chuck & Linda Glew
Jackie Pomerantz
Susan and Dave Iskowich
Maureen & Collin Kebo
carrie and bobby
Maureen Fagan
Diane and Jon Powell
Keith & Ann Dronen
John Nunemaker
Mary Nunemaker
Stephen Boeckman
Mimi and David Hwang
Cynthia Sammons and Eric Schwabe
April Cesaretti
Max Bennett
Catherine Zhu & Albert Lin
Paul and Emily Hayden
Stephen & Colleen Sehy
Leslie Weyhrich commented:
Congratulations Benefit team on a great night!

Beth & Bruce Kerr
Jeff and Karen Sirota
Denise Swanson & Art Lutschaunig
Mary Condon
Gail & John Thomason
Elaine Virant
libby braband
Verena Phillips
chris karabas
katrine vange
Elaine Virant
Sheri Herd
David Rieser
lyn Flannery
Denise Swanson
ryan & roxy freel
Becky Levi
Khanh Geoly
Margaret & Joe Tilson
Carol Shukur & Art Gunther
Quinn Kelly
Dai-lin Hummel
Kim Donohoe
Sarah Davis
Sarah Agin
Chris Petersen
Tracy and Joe Kearney
Matt & Sally McQueen
Gail and John Thomason
Denise Swanson & Art Lutschaunig
The McGrath Family
Tiffany and Chip Flannagan
Jasmine Hauser
Toni Stapel
Evan Farrell
Barbara Lau
Rick and Kristen Dean
Stephen Boeckman
Keith & Ann Dronen
Palmer Fey Family
Tom and Leslie Weyhrich
Jackie Pomerantz
Brian Shaw
The Tiebert Family
Reimer Family
Stephen and Ann Boeckman
Chris and Karen Dekker
Ryan & Roxy Freel
Jeanne & Joe Rickard
Sheri Herd
Woman's Club of Wilmette
Peter Czerwinski
Susan Mackesey
Debbie Fogel
Ellen Crispino
The Starren Family commented:
The kids really enjoy the Den and it is wonderful to have such a resource.

Christine cornell
Hyun Young Koo
Kimberly Sterling
Elizabeth Aldrich commented:
Keep up the good work!

K C Malik
Karen & Jeff Miller
Gavin Yuan
Cristina Tilley
Byron and Karen Schneidman
Laura and Kent Born
Deanne & Ruud Roggekamp
Cathy Skala/MikeHoover
Cecilia Clarke
Stephen Garcia
Kristin Camorlinga
Valerie Kilman, Ravi Allada commented:
Thanks for your great work.

Diane Kriemanq
Susan Petito
Wendy & Stuart Witzel
Ed Katzman