Board and Staff

The Executive Director with her staff oversees the organization’s day-to-day activities. Our Executive Director is a trained individual with an extensive background in programming for youth. The part-time staff is recruited on the basis of previous work experience or current academic work in youth programming, services, or education.

The Youth Connection Executive Board and General Board are parents and members of the community who volunteer their time to support the organization’s mission.  The Executive Board meets in the evening once a month and the General Board meets in the evening every other month.

PTO Youth Connection Liaisons assist in the execution of specific programs and serve as an important link in communications between Youth Connection and the schools.

We welcome new volunteers!

2016-2017 Youth Connection Executive Board

Executive Director: Karen Funari
Co- Presidents: Kristen Dean and Barb Perce
Treasurer: Katy Klemmer
Fundraising: Susan Alt-Rogers, Jenny Sterrett, Barb Perce
PR/Marketing & Grant Writing: Kristen Dean
Compliance/Payroll: Katrine Vange Keller
Secretary: Anne Miller
Personnel: Carrie Winter

2015-2016 Youth Connection General Board

Ray Macika (Asst. Treasurer)
Kristen Sawdey (Fundraising, PR/Marketing)
Heather Oliver (Fundraising, PR/Marketing)
Barb Perce (Fundraising, Warming House Liaison)
Leslie Weyhrich (AdHoc Committee)
Bonnie Michel (Graphic Design)
Jennifer Nash (PR/Marketing)
Emily Hayden (Programming)

Katrine Keller (Ex-Officio Board Member)
Dan Murray (Ex-Officio Board Member)
Alex Rieser (Ex-Officio Board Member)

2015-2016 PTO Youth Connection Liaisons

Highcrest Middle School: Stephen Boeckman, Kelly Jackson
Wilmette Junior High School: Tracy Kearney, Kelly Jackson