Youth Connection H.O.P.E Project

VocaliD Voicebank Service Project
Join Youth Connection to help us share the gift of voice!

Youth Connection will be hosting a Voice Drive from October 4, 2016 through May 26, 2017 to help provide people of all ages who use a machine to speak for them a unique and individual voice. We have set up our Voice Drive with VocaliD. Founded in 2014 by Rupal Patel, The mission of VocaliD is to “create voices that celebrate our unique vocal identities so that every voice is heard.” In an effort to provide these personalized voices to recipients at a reasonable cost, VocaliD has created The Human Voicebank Initiative as a means to gather the “largest and most diverse collection of speech recordings.” Feel free to visit for more on the information and initiative behind this amazing campaign.

This Service project will be a deeply rewarding and unique event for all involved. The project is challenging-participants will need to devote approximately 7 hours of their time to compete the 3,500 sentences. It is suggested that the time is broken up into 20-30 minute sessions. Service certificates will be awarded when participants reach the 500, 1,000, 2,000 and full 3,500 sentence marks.

Once you sign up, we will invite you to join our Voice Drive. We will send you information to the email address you provide. If you wish to take part in this amazing project, please contact Karen Funari, Executive Director of Youth Connection, at

Thank you for helping us give the gift of voice!